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2023 United Catholic Appeal

Jesus was a teacher, and teaching is our foundation. We must be properly formed as catechists for acts of shepherding and service to flow from us. The United Catholic Appeal directly impacts each parish – supporting our current priests, training our future priests and deacons, and teaching children and adults to know, love, and serve Jesus. Your gifts to the United Catholic Appeal provide:

  • Education, tuition assistance, and care for seminarians
  • Formation for our deacons
  • Ongoing support and formation for our priests
  • Training for lay ministers and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist
  • Formation and support resources for Catholic school leaders and teachers, catechetical leaders, and catechists


The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is committed to nurturing and guiding individuals in their journey of faith, offering a variety of ministries designed to shepherd people as they walk alongside Jesus. With a strong emphasis on family, these ministries strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can find solace, encouragement, and spiritual growth. Take a moment to watch this video about the importance of shepherding others.



The spiritual journey of discernment, formation, and ordination prepares Catholic priests to faithfully serve God and the Church, shepherding their flocks and administering the sacraments with devotion and love.
By providing support, the Church demonstrates its gratitude for their service and acknowledges their continued value within the faith community. It allows retired priests to maintain a dignified and fulfilling life, ensuring they have access to appropriate healthcare, housing, and resources for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Moreover, supporting retired priests also upholds the legacy of their ministry, fostering a sense of continuity and inspiration for future generations of clergy.


Intention Weekend for the United Catholic Appeal coming soon, and we need your support! Not sure what the appeal is all about? Take a moment to scan the QR code above and watch this video that will tell you everything you need to know. And then, please consider making a financial gift that will help us reach our goal of $6.3 million. We can't do it without you. Thank you for helping bring hope to thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need.


Funded, in part, by the United Catholic Appeal, Project Rachel, a compassionate and confidential ministry, extends God’s unconditional love and forgiveness to women and men who experience the tragedy of abortion.  By offering a safe place for those suffering to be reconciled with God and his Church, Project Rachel helps those suffering after abortion experience mercy, forgiveness, and peace. This ministry is for:
  • Women who have had an abortion
  • Men whose significant others have had abortions
  • Parents, children, siblings, other family members and friends of those who have had an abortion
  • Anyone who has encouraged or helped someone else obtain an abortion
  • Anyone who has worked in the abortion industry