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We miss you!   Though we are prevented from gathering in our building, we can still pray, learn, and grow together.  Please take this time to stay safe in your homes: remaining at home not only protects you and your family, it helps us stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community.  

While this time is undeniably difficult, it can still be a moment of great grace.  We hope you can find time for silence, for prayer as a family every day, for Sunday Mass online - and in it all, the comfort and guidance of our loving God who never leaves us to find our way alone, who gives us peace that the world cannot.

There are a few very helpful resources listed below - I hope you enjoy them!!

God bless you!  Mary Jo Thomas-Day, Director of Religious Education


SACRAMENTAL PREP - for Confirmation or Eucharist

We do believe we have a plan for the celebration of First Communion.  Letters will be sent to all St. Monica Sunday Morning Religious Education families and St. Monica School Families in late April.  We will also post more information here in the coming weeks.




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Growing Up Catholic; A Parent Resource


Making a Prayer Table - and Praying at Home with Children


V ENCUENTRO resource list in English - this is a very complete list!

V ENCUENTRO en Español - ¡es una lista larga y muy completa!

St. Monica Youth Group, Wednesday's online at 7:00 pm

Grupo de Jovenes de Sta. Mónica, cada miercoles  a las 7:00 pm - ver calendario y reunir por ZOOM

LIVE for teens - an exciting online conference


Scriptural Rosary for Families