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Marriage & Family Life

Marriage in Focus

In a sacramental marriage, God’s love is present in the total union of a man and woman and flows through them to their family and community. Their permanent, faithful and exclusive commitment to each other reveals something of God’s unconditional love as they journey together through the ups and downs of marriage and life.
Marriage in Focus is a program at St. Monica that enables engaged and married couples to share and strengthen their sacramental marriage through faith and fellowship with like-minded couples. A typical evening consists of a pitch-in dinner, followed by a speaker. Marriage in Focus evenings takes place quarterly. Come join the fun, bring a covered dish, and get to know other married couples! Sign up to attend by emailing [email protected] (and please let us know what type of dish you’ll be bringing!). 

Marriage Preparation

Marriage is a big step. It all begins with a call to our parish office. If you are engaged and interested in marriage preparation call the Parish Office at 317-253-2193 to schedule an appointment with a priest or click here for more information.  

Family Adoration

The purpose of a Family Adoration Hour is to welcome whole families and to help children learn to adore Christ present in the Eucharist.  Children, as well as all present, are led through the Adoration by a priest, deacon, or lay persons:  woven into the silence of Adoration will be short expressions of adoration said aloud, suggestions for praying silently to Jesus, short Scripture phrases or passages, sometimes a short reflection on a Scripture, or songs leading to silence.


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