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St. Vincent Mobile Mammography Unit

March 25 and April 15

11:00AM - 5:00PM

 Participation Information:

  • Please review this information letter and the screening guidelines below to determine if you are eligible to participate.
  • If you are eligible, please call the Ascension St. Vincent Breast Center at (317) 338-9595 to schedule your appointment.
    • When calling, please inform the operator that you are calling from MONICA to schedule an appointment on the mobile unit on the specified date and time.
  • Registration deadline is one week prior to St. Vincent’s scheduled visit.

 Appointment Information:

  • Screening appointments typically last for 20 minutes. Please make every effort to be on time for your appointment. If you are 10 or more minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled.
  • You must bring your health insurance card(s) and driver’s license or photo ID with you to your mammogram appointment.
    • If your health insurance information is electronic, please bring a paper copy of your information with you to your appointment.
  • Please wear a two-piece outfit.
  • If you are wearing deodorant at the time of your appointment, you will be asked to wipe it off because deodorant distorts the images. Fresh deodorant will be provided.


To maintain safety for both you and our staff, please comply with the following guidelines –

  • Do not enter the mobile unit before your appointment time. While we appreciate those of you who come early to appointments, we have scheduled mammograms at an interval that allows the patient before you to have their mammogram and exit the unit before you enter and to give us time to sanitize surfaces after each patient.

  • Please wear a mask. Any type of face covering is acceptable upon entering. You will be asked to put on a hospital-grade mask if you don’t have one. Please be sure the mask covers your mouth and nose. All our mobile unit crew members will also be wearing a hospital mask.

  • We will take your temperature and ask you COVID screening questions when you arrive. If you have a temperature or answer “Yes” to any of our screening questions, you may be asked to reschedule your mammogram.

COVID VACCINE INFORMATION: The Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) has recommended that women not have a screening mammogram for at least six (6) weeks after their second COVID vaccine dose. This is because the two approved COVID-19 vaccines can potentially lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes located in the armpit which can mimic findings that can lead to further evaluation for possible breast malignancies. At this time, please do not schedule an appointment for a screening mammogram on the mobile unit if you have started receiving your vaccines or until you are at least six weeks post-vaccine.