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Daily Scripture Reflection

St. Monica Daily Scripture Reflections


Our ministry’s mission is to “proclaim the Good News and assist people in connecting God’s Word to their daily lives.”  Every Monday-Friday, we send subscribers an email that contains a link to the daily scripture readings plus a brief personal reflection.

Is It For You?

Building relationships isn’t easy. It takes time, conversations, and exchanging ideas. And that’s with a flesh and blood person. Building a relationship with God is even tougher. Before I can begin to feel close to God, I have to get to know God better. This is a “work in progress” for me.
But two things help me. God talks to me in scripture . . . I talk to God in prayer. Together, they help me relate to God.  It sounds simple. But when and how do I do them? St. Monica’s Daily Reflection ministry helps me.  In just a few minutes, I can read the daily scripture readings and the short reflection. I begin to see how God’s Word is present in my life. I organize my thoughts for prayer. It’s a simple way to spend time with God.

Does it work?  

We have thousands of subscribers across the U.S., in Australia, Europe and South Africa. A priest in Sri Lanka uses them in his daily Mass homilies. An East Coast reader uses them in catechism classes. Small Church Communities use them. One reader wrote: “Keep up your ministry’s good work. It may be only one sentence in one reflection that touches one heart, but it touches the right heart at the right time. It happens to me often. Thank you all for sharing, caring, and preparing.”

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