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Pray for Our Deceased Loved Ones!

Please remember in your prayers these parishioners and the family and friends of our parishioners who have died recently.  

As of Friday, October 2:

Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Murrieta, husband of Claudia Reyes; Daniel Crowe, husband of Ruth Stanley

As of Friday, October 9:

Maria Teresa Santillan, mother of Carolina and Jorge Rios; Jorge David Chavez-Perez, husband of Debbie Rincons-Chavez

As of Friday, October 16:


As of Friday, October 23:

Rafael Cruz-Ortiz; Kathryn Bor de Lon, mother of Stacy Hoaglin; Jesus Cuevas-Rodriguez, brother of Beatriz Cuevas; Abel Valente-Ramirez, brother of Rosa Valente