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Pray for Our Deceased Loved Ones!

Please remember in your prayers these parishioners and family and friends of our parishioners who have died since the current quarantine period began.  Funeral and memorial Masses for our deceased loved ones will occur at a later date, as soon as the lock-down period ends and we have permission from the bishop to resume our liturgies.  This list will be updated periodically as we learn of new deaths.

As of Thursday, April 23:

Fr. John Beitans; Fr. Rick Eldred; Fr. William Munshower; Rosario Gamez, mother of Noe Figeuroa; Victor Alfaro; Ginny Allen, wife of James Allen; Lorenzo Rojas; Gonzalo Manuel, husband of Rosaura Longinos; Shelly Sullivan, wife of Michael Sullivan, Jr.; Andres Robles, father of Amantina Fernandez; Bob Roeder husband of Mary Roeder; Ralph “Duke” Holland, husband of Michele “Mickey” Whitten-Holland; Anne C. Weber; Shirley Menard, mother of Nancy Riddle; Lourdes-Maria Schaefer, sister of Lillie-Mae Krishna; Tomás Diaz-Santiago, father of Tomás  Diaz-Galan

As of Friday, May 1:

Maria Eugenia Ramirez; Anibal Payamps, brother of Marcos Payamps; Leopoldo Antonio, brother of Lorena Antonio,  

As of Friday, May 8:

No parishioner/family deaths reported

As of Friday, May 15:

Camerino De Jesus, husband of Maria Apolonio; Robert Scherer

As of Friday, May 22:

Manuel Lopez, husband of Mariana Saucedo; Carl Gahwiler, husband of Donna Gahwiler; Virginie Iranga, mother of Marcelin Koko Zigabe