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Dear Family,

May the Peace of the Lord be with you! As we face this unique time know that I pray for the Peace of Christ to reign in all of our hearts. These past two weeks have been quite hectic here in the parish and school office. What incredible staff we have here at St. Monica. We have been working together and working creatively to discover how we can best minister to our community in a time of social distancing.  I ask each household to please sign up for our parish Remind account. You can find more information on how to do this on or parish website under “Updates.”  click here

All who sign up for it can receive direct communication from our parish regarding important information. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our limitations in reaching all of our community. We are trying our best to rapidly adapt to this new reality. Hopefully it will produce many fruits for the future. We continue to explore technologies that might help us move forward, even with social distancing.  Here are ways in which you can stay up to date on what is happening as well as to join us for Mass, prayers, information, and connecting. We are also hoping to use our social media to do some fun things together as well. Stay tuned.

Facebook: St. Monica Indy
You tube: [email protected]

I know that many of our parishioners work in businesses that suffering greatly, such as hospitality, service, and restaurants workers. If you find yourself struggling to afford food, please let us know. Our Food Pantry ministry might be able to offer some help.  During this time so many are people are feeling a sense of loss. You may have lost your final months of college and high school for seniors or lost the final months of grade for Eighth graders. Perhaps you’re feeling the loss of a long planned trip with loved ones. I know that many feel the loss of being able to receive the Eucharist.  Additionally, many are feeling the impact of social distancing and the inability to move freely. Many in our community have lost work while hoping and praying that it is only temporary.

Please know that God is with us in all of this. Whatever suffering we are experiencing, may we unite with the suffering of Christ for all of our human family.

I am so grateful for the prayers and support of the community these past weeks. We feel it. One of the impacts of social distancing and no public celebrations of the Mass
for us is a substantial loss of income from our Sunday offertory collection. The cost of running our parish hasn’t gone away. I ask for your help. If you are able, would you please continue offering your regular contribution. You can mail it to the office or donate online at our website.  click here to DONATE   I very much appreciate your generosity and consideration.

I do encourage us to utilize this time to develop good virtuous habits and practices that perhaps, in our busyness, we haven’t developed. Now is a time to develop the habitual practice of personal prayer every day. For families it is a good time to implement family prayer time every day. Begin to read the Bible and/or other spiritual reading daily. Maybe just 5 minutes a day. Get outside and begin to walk for a length of time. Perhaps begin with 15 minutes of walking and increase it over time to get to 30 minutes or more of walking each day. Take time to call at least one extended family member a day. Of course you can speak with more if you like. Reach out to a friend and/or a neighbor each day.

We are experiencing suffering during the pandemic, but there is also grace in abundance.
Love, Fr. John