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Liturgical Ministries

Altar Guild

For every cup of consecrated wine at a Mass, there must be a clean white cloth to wipe the chalice rim. The Altar Guild members (men and women) provide the essential service of washing, ironing and folding the altar linens and towels used at Masses. A subcommittee of the Liturgy Committee, the training and scheduling is coordinated by Mary Mathis.  Contact 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].

Art and Environment 

This subcommittee of the Liturgy Committee makes arrangements for the decorations in the Narthex and Sanctuary during different seasons of the church year. Archdiocesan guidelines are used to choose (or design) banners, flowers, greenery, altar cloths, book covers, and candles and the use of statuary. Also helps wedding parties with decorating guidelines for weddings. Volunteers can help either year-round or for just a short time. Contact Kim Marks at Parish Office, 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are lay men, women and teens who have been confirmed and are in full communion with the Catholic Church who assist with the distribution of communion at Mass. Ministers are appointed by the priest and commissioned by the Archdiocese for three-year terms. Some ministers are also trained to take Eucharist to members of the parish who because of age or illness cannot attend Mass. Training for new ministers is offered in the spring and fall. Ongoing training and spiritual enrichment opportunities are provided. Contact Anne Wilson (English) or Rosa Valente or Cuberto Salazar (Spanish) at 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected]. Click here to download the EM Application.


The ministry of Lector is to proclaim God's living word at Masses and liturgical gatherings where scripture readings are included. Through the Lector, God continues to feed his people at the table of the Word. The Lector is expected to be knowledgeable of the scripture, willing and able to devote the time needed to prepare for each reading. Lectors are appointed. Those interested in this ministry are evaluated on the basis of their talents. Ongoing training is required. Contact Andra Liepa (English) or Elizabeth Flores (Saturday), Maribel Sarmiento (Sunday) (Spanish) 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].

Mass Coordinator

The Mass Coordinator serves as a liaison for the presiding priest. The coordinator must complete a duty checklist to ensure that there are ample servers, lectors, ushers and Eucharistic Ministers in place prior to the start of the Liturgy. The Mass Coordinator has a commitment to a non-visible role in the Liturgy. Contact Skip McCully (Englsih) or Marcos Payamps/Miriam Fernandez (Spanish), 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].


Keeps liturgical supplies and sacristy clean and orderly and maintains inventory. Contact Kim Isakson, 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].


Our serving program instructs young Catholic men and women to serve at the altar during Sunday mass, weddings, and funerals. This is a ministry of service offered to and for God. We try as best we can to help all servers come to the knowledge that this is a privileged ministry in which they are participating and therefore, should be done with much reverence. We, as community, are grateful for their service. The servers are directed by the associate pastor and are trained on a yearly basis.  Any Catholic child from fifth grade to high school is invited to participate in this ministry. Contact John Brown (English) or Rosa Armendariz (Spanish), 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].


The ushers and greeters are men and women 16 years of age and older who serve as ministers of hospitality at all liturgical functions in the church. To serve at English masses, contact Eileen Taylor (English) or Primo Pimentel (Spanish) 317-253-2193, opt. 2 or email [email protected].

Liturgy Committee 

The Liturgy Committee provides for the liturgical life of the parish: planning and helping to implement the official public worship of the St. Monica Community, the communal prayers and celebrations of the parish, and facilitates private devotions. This includes all Masses, baptisms, funerals, reconciliation and prayer services, weddings, Stations of the Cross and ecumenical services. The committee coordinates training and scheduling for altar ministries: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Ushers. Members of the committee work with liturgical directives from the Archdiocesan Office of Worship. The committee meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.