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Infant Baptism

Baptizing a Child

Children ages 6 years and younger are baptized by the Rite of Infant Baptism.  In this Rite the Parents and Godparents make the Baptismal Promises for their young child.  Only one Godparent is required.  As long as there is one Catholic Godparent, there may also be a Christian witness from another Christian faith.  Godparents and Parents must attend one Baptismal Preparation session, either at St. Monica or at another Catholic parish.   The Baptism date may be scheduled as soon as the Baptismal Preparation Session and the necessary paperwork have been completed. 

Baptisms are scheduled around mid-day on most Saturdays, and on one Sunday a month Baptisms can be scheduled at Sunday Masses (except the 3:00 pm Mass).  All scheduling should be worked out in advance through the parish office.

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