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How To Receive Sacraments


Weddings at St. Monica should be scheduled a year in advance with the sacramental preparation beginning at least six months prior to the date of wedding. Those interested in being married at St. Monica must be registered parishioners.  Contact the Parish Office for complete information.

Baptism: Infants & Young Children

To make arrangements to have a child baptized, contact the Parish Office, 317.253.2193 or [email protected]

Those who seek baptism for their infant or young child (for children 7 years of age or younger) must attend a baptismal preparation session and be a registered member of St. Monica Church.  Baptisms will be resuming soon.  For moew information and to get started:  English  Español

Baptism: Adults & Children over 7 years

Unbaptized adults and children (over the age of 7 years) are prepared for the sacrament of baptism through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, also know as the RCIA.  To learn more about the RCIA, contact Anne Corcoran, Pastoral Associate - and also see the RCIA pages of our website: Becoming Catholic and This Week in RCIA.

 First Communion and First Reconciliation for Children

Preparation for both of these sacraments is included in the SECOND GRADE of Sunday School or the second grade religion classes in St. Monica School.  Students must be baptized Catholic and have completed one full year of religious education prior to second grade in order to begin sacramental preparation.  First Reconciliation is celebrated in the fall of the second grade year; first Communion is also celebrated with second graders, on the final weekend of April.  Parents of second graders will be asked to attend information evenings to learn all the details.  If a child has not had a full year of religious education, or if a child is already past second grade, then Mary Jo Thomas Day, DRE will help the child's family know "how to" register their child for sacramental preparation for these two sacraments.

The parents of any child from second grade through eighth grade should contact Mary Jo Thomas Day, DRE for more information.

Any adult or youth older already past the 8th grade of school, who still needs one or both of these two sacraments, should contact Anne Corcoran: the preparation for one or both of these sacraments for teens and adults is done through the RCIA.


For children who are baptized Catholic, Confirmation preparation will begin in the 7th grade religion classes in the School or Sunday School - and the preparation continues into the fall of 8th grade.  Confirmation is in the fall of their 8th grade year of School or Sunday School.  Parents of 7th graders will automatically be invited to a Parent Information Night.  If a child has not completed the necessary time in religious education or needs special assistance in any way, Mary Jo Thomas Day, DRE can help.

Adults and high school youth who are baptized Catholic but not confirmed should contact the Anne Corcoran in the Parish Office.  For adults who have more than six years of catechesis there may be a shorter Confirmation preparation; for others the preparation will be through the RCIA.