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Do you have TWO hours a week?  For SIX weeks?

IU Health Pastoral Care Team has initiated an outreach program in partnership with local congregations.

Any congregation willing to serve in this partnership is responsible to maintain a Team of five to six "Connectors."

"Connectors" are members of a congregation or parish who serve as a companion for a person who is experiencing isolation or loneliness.  IU Health Pastoral Care Team identifies these persons in the ER or in the hospital, and refers them to congregations in the Network.

We would also like to provide "Connectors" to our own Parishioners in need.


COMMITMENT of the "Connectors"

All training & personal interaction is currently by phone or video chat, due to COVID.

A "connector" will have four evenings of training, at 7:00 pm to about 8:30 pm on Thursday nights beginning January 28, concluding February 18.

Once trained, a Connector is available to be matched to a person identified by IU Health Pastoral Care Team.

The Connector talks by phone with this person - promising an hour a week of phone time.

The Connector also "meets" once a week with the other Connectors from St. Monica - to help one another minister well.


Want to know more?  

Please contact Anne Corcoran, as soon as possible!
317-253-2193 x 5 or [email protected]