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Resources for Dealing with Covid-19

Many of us may be experiencing great anxiety and depression as we face the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Perhaps you feel:

*the loneliness and stress of social isolation

*the stress of many days together at home with the whole family.

*a fear of becoming infected with COVID-19,

*worried about finances and paying your bills because you have been laid off from a job,

*worried about having enough food to last until all of this ends,

*grief and disappointment over lost experiences because so many things have been cancelled,

*a deep loss in not being able to physically participate in the sacraments

*perhaps you’re worried about your recovery because you cannot attend meetings.

*you are questioning God about all of this. 

*Of course you may feel many other emotions not mentioned.

Please know that you are not alone.  There is much support around Indianapolis.  Below is a list of links and phone numbers that can provide information on support serves.  These range from food and financial assistance to mental health support and recovery support. Please let us know if there are other support services that we are not aware of. 

Please reach out before falling into emotional isolation.  Reach out to family and friends through phone calls and technology.   Be as physically active as you are able.  Plan achievable goals for each day and try to balance your time appropriately.  Try to establish daily routines and habits.  If you are now distance working or learning try to maintain routines and schedule as your job or classes permit. Be sure to schedule time for meal preparation and sharing, relaxation time, play time, and both together and alone time.   For those in recovery reach out to your sponsors and explore virtual or telephone meetings.  Finally, make time for prayer every day.  Most people struggle to form habits of prayer.  One of the blessings of staying at home is the opportunity to introduce beneficial habitual practices, especially prayer.

Here are a few suggestions: 

Create a sacred space in your home for prayer. This space can have sacred images and just comfortable enough chair(s) to pray in.  A too comfortable chair can develop the habit of naps during the time you want to from a habit of prayer.   Ask everyone in the household to honor it as sacred space in your home. You have the time to explore methods of prayer in our Tradition. 

You could try The Divine Office, also known as the Liturgy of the Hours.  Prayed by Religious Communities, Religious, Priests and Deacons, this prayer has a structure throughout the day.  A free phone application to consider is IBreviary,  It will have the prayers for each day with various language options. This app also provides the readings and prayers for daily Mass.  With this app you can choose from one of twelve languages to use.  

Another helpful telephone application is Laudate.  Though only in English, it has many different methods of prayer, including those mentioned here. 

You can find the popular prayer devotion, the Rosary, HERE

Click the following links for the Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Divine Mercy Chaplet HERE 

Lectio Divina is a wonderful way to pray with Sacred Scripture.  Here are links to learn how to pray with lectio divina, HERE or HERE 

In addition to personal prayer, I encourage our families to pray together using the readings of the upcoming Sunday Mass.  Start with the first reading on Tuesday and conclude the week with the Gospel on Friday.  Allow Monday to be a time to reflect upon the readings from the previous Sunday. 

Holy Week is the great witness of God’s immense love for us.  God is always present to each of us in these moments and times of many emotions. Invite God into your daily life and then move towards God.  Welcome Jesus as your companion throughout the day.  Draw closer to the Lord.  If you feel angry with God, talk to God about it.   In the Bible people frequently expressed their anger to God.  Then trust God to help you work through it.  In moments of silence, rest in God.  In moments of chaos lean on God.  Throughout the day talk to God.  In every moment give thanks to God from your heart.  


Have a blessed Holy Week

Fr. John.


St. Monica Catholic Church

St. Monica Catholic School

Metropolitan School District of Washington Township

Metropolitan School District of Pike Township

Indianapolis Public Schools

Alcoholics Anonymous


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline      1-800-273-8255

211   Social Service Support

Catholic Charities Counseling   317-236-1500  (non emergency)

The Present’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America PDF

**“AVOID SOCIAL GATHERINGS in groups of more than 10 people.”**

Slow the Spread of COVID-

1          Families that need child care

Early Learning Indiana Solution Center – 800-299-1627

We have two Spanish Speaking Interpreters on staff.

2          Create an in-home exempt care for 5 or less non-related children (An individual can have their own children as well.)

IC 12-17.2-2 Chapter 2. General Powers and Duties of the Division.  

IC 12-17.2-2-8 Licensure exemptions Sec. 8. The division shall exempt from licensure the following programs: Indiana Code 2018

“(8) A child care home if the provider: (A) does not receive regular compensation; (B) cares only for children who are related to the provider; (C) cares for less than six (6) children, not including children for whom the provider is a parent, stepparent, guardian, custodian, or other relative; or (D) operates to serve migrant children.”

Quick - Exempt full PDF

-Think of the above as babysitting, but restricted by the President’s Guide Lines.


Other resources:

  1. COVID-19 (24/7) Call Center 877-826-0011
  2. COVID-19 (coronavirus) FAQs and guidance for child care providers
  3. Family and Social Services Administration Guidance for Child Care Provider
  4. The Center for Disease (CDC) web site 
  5. Indiana State Department of Health


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