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November 6, 2019

Peace and Blessings, Friends and Parishioners,

We encourage you to reflect on Wednesday’s readings at this link: 

If you prefer to use your own Bible, the readings are:
First Reading: Galatians Romans 13:8-10
Responsorial: Psalm 112:1b-2, 4-5, 9
Gospel: Luke 14:25-33

Our reflection on Wednesday’s readings:

“Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”   Luke 14:27

In today’s Gospel, Jesus spoke these words to His disciples on His final journey to Jerusalem. We have to tell ourselves, each other, and Christ Jesus that we want to follow Him and be His disciples.  After all, He is the Son of God, our Savior, and Redeemer.  No matter our stage of life, we must follow His lead and remember that Jesus is with us every moment of our lives.  Like ourselves, many fail to see Jesus because we are slow of heart.

On August 25, we celebrated 50 years of marriage at the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Golden Jubilee celebration.  After the celebration, we decided that it is time to downsize instead of clinging to possessions that may benefit others.  As the scripture states, “In the same way, everyone of you who does not renounce all his possessions cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:33. To be Christ’s disciples, we must remember that we are not of this world. 

As we cling to material possessions, we find it hard to be free and embrace Jesus.  At death, we carry no physical belongings with us—only our souls go forward to judgement.  Downsizing is an opportunity to shed weight and the burden of possessions—our tools, yard equipment, and functional furniture are finding productive new lives as we donate them to others.  Much of our childrens’ memorabilia—baby shoes, report cards, etc.—has been liberated and found its way to the dumpster.  We found ourselves using the Marie Kondo method of letting go of things—if it doesn’t “spark joy,” we can easily let it go! 

As we go on to this next chapter of our lives after downsizing and continuing to be disciples of Christ, we must follow His journey as we walk with Him in our day-to-day activities.  Remember Mother Teresa of Calcutta who really followed Jesus?  She gave of herself completely. 

May we be disciples for Christ,
Dorothy and Carlos Alexander


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