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January 14, 2022

Daily Reflection for Friday, January 14 2022

Peace and Blessings, Friends and Parishioners!

We encourage you to reflect on Friday’s readings at this link:

If you prefer to use your own Bible, the readings are:

First Reading: 1 Samuel 8:4-7, 10-22a
Responsorial:  Psalm 89:16-19
Gospel: Mark 2:1-12

Our reflection on Friday’s readings:
“Child, your sins are forgiven.” Mark 2:5

Time and again, in gospel stories of people who encounter Jesus, he responds to their request for physical healing by first forgiving their sins.  He challenges the scribes in today’s gospel by asking them which is easier: to heal someone physically or to forgive their sins.  He might have also asked, “Which is more important: to be healed physically or to be forgiven for one’s sins?”

I ask God for physical healing every day.  I pray for my father as he struggles with advanced dementia.  I pray for all the people on the St. Monica prayer tree who are struggling with serious illness.  I pray for everyone with COVID and for an end to the pandemic.

How often do I ask for forgiveness?  Not as often, if I’m completely honest.  If I make a mistake or am conscious that I hurt someone with my actions or words, I try to apologize and seek reconciliation, if not forgiveness.  If I sin in some way that is not directly impacting someone else or where an apology is not possible, sometimes I ask God to forgive me, but sometimes I just beat myself up.

Jesus knew that this is the harder request for us to make.  In reading the gospels we are reminded of it again and again because he knows we need to hear it.  “Your sins are forgiven”.

A confessor once shared with me that God has already forgiven us for our sins.  In asking for forgiveness, we are actually just opening ourselves to God’s mercy and accepting it into our hearts.  And in accepting this forgiveness, we are better able to forgive ourselves.

So today, in addition to prayer for all the physical needs of those around me, I will pray for mercy and forgiveness.  In the words of the Divine Mercy chaplet: Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Peace and love,
Andra Liepa


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