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February 24, 2020

Daily Reflection for Monday, February 24, 2020

Peace and Blessings, Friends and Parishioners!

We encourage you to reflect on Monday’s readings at this link:

If you prefer to use your own Bible, the readings are:
First Reading:  James 3:13-18
Responsorial:  Psalm 19:8-10, 15
Gospel:  Mark 9:14-29

Our reflection on Monday’s readings:
“Everything is possible to one who has faith. (Mark 9:23)

Faith is complete trust or belief in someone or something.  Faith is the basis for our relationship with God.

Seeing is a large part of my faith and I imagine this is true for others as well.  However, if I am honest, and rely on my scientific mind, I can quickly conclude that anything I see is, upside down from its reality.  The only way I see clearly is with the help of my brain to flip the image to its proper orientation.  You see, the shape of our eyes results in all images we see being flipped upside down before they reach our retina.  It takes the help of other information for our brain to determine the real picture. 

So, it is with faith as well.  Simply having faith is not enough.  We need to take that faith and add to it the wisdom that God imparts to us daily.  Our seeing improves when we have the bits and pieces of God’s love revealed to us each day through scripture, Mass, or the people we encounter in our day.  Nurtured in this way, that kernel of faith continues to grow and our vision expands. 

Jesus, in the gospel today, is helping His disciples to see that faith is about so much more than a simple belief.  It begins with that belief and then expands it into a real lived experience: one that requires prayer, reflection, and opportunities for growth.  How quickly the man with the afflicted son realizes that although he arrived with faith, he still had work to do to live in that faith.   

Just as he said, “I do believe, help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)so do I.  I awake each day, refreshed and renewed and following my prayer time, centered.  My faith feels strong and capable of dealing what the day will hold.  I am always amazed and somewhat saddened by how quickly I can return to “I’ve got this” mode and away from a “pray first” approach.  I realize that my level of unbelief is still much greater than my level of belief. 

Just as Jesus reminded the disciples that healing requires prayer first and at times action as well, so He reminds me today.  My prayer is the same as the man in this scripture, “I do believe, help my unbelief.”

In Heartfelt Joy,
Lynne Brennan


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