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December 27, 2021

Daily Reflection for Monday, December 27, 2021

Peace and Blessings, Friends and Parishioners,

We encourage you to reflect on Monday’s readings at this link: 

If you prefer to use your own Bible, the readings are:
First Reading: 1 John 1:1-4
Responsorial: Psalm 97:1-2, 5-6, 11-12
Gospel: John 20: 1a, 2-8

Our reflection on Monday’s readings:

Even though God made us in His image, He set us upon this is earth with a number of frailties. We often feel distraught at our continued failures. Fortunately, God has given us ways to address our needs and fulfill our petitions. One of the many ways is to practice the virtues so generously bestowed by the Holy Spirit. Each day presents ample opportunities to enrich your spiritual awareness, whether by yourself or with others.

In catechism classes we learned the names of the virtues, perhaps without much belief in their power. Consider St. Paul’s list of virtues:

Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, patience, humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another and forgiving one another, as the Lord has forgiven you. And over all these put on love that is the bond of perfection. And let the peace of Christ control your hearts, the peace into which you are called. And be thankful.  Colossians 3:12-16

The options are many. And each person who devotes him/herself to nurturing one of these virtues may observe subtle changes: forgiving a long-standing feud; spending time with lonely elderly; volunteering at a youth center. God sends us many souls needing a spiritual lift. If those requests present themselves, God will certainly provide us with the strength to respond to them.

God sends His messages to us through our senses:

What was from the beginning,
what we have heard,
what we have seen with our eyes,
what we looked upon
and touched with our hands
concerns the Word of life,

for the life was made visible.

  •     What do you hear, see, touch today that helps you to understand God’s particular message to you?
  •     Which of St. Paul’s virtues will you pray to develop in the new year?


Ann Hill


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