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Rite of Acceptance & Rite of Welcome

When is it celebrated?

Sunday, October 2 at the 10:30am mass in English or the 1:00pm mass in Spanish. You may choose to come to either mass.

What does the Rite mean?

This Rite marks the first public commitment – of the candidates and catechumens.  

The Catechumens, those seeking Baptism, will “accept the Gospel,” pledging to “make the mind of Christ Jesus your own” and to “strive to pattern your lives on the teachings of the Gospel and so to love the Lord your God and your neighbor.”  It is a solemn commitment – showing that they are dedicated to learning Christian teaching, changing their lives to follow Jesus, growing in prayer, and being part of the Church, especially in celebrating the Eucharist every Sunday and in reaching out to serve others.

Those baptized Catholic or in another faith, who seek Eucharist & Confirmation – or Reception into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church – these candidates publicly pledge to “listen to the apostles’ instruction, gather with us in prayer, and join us in the love and service of others.”

How is it celebrated?

The catechumens, at the start of mass are welcomed by the priest. There is an opening dialogue between the Priest and the catechumens. The catechumens make their first public acceptance of the Gospel. 

The candidates, at the start of mass are also welcomed by the priest. There is an opening dialogue between the Priest and the candidates. The candidates make a declaration of intent.

All those present will promise their support for the catechumens & candidates. 

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