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Dear St. Monica Community and friends of St. Monica,

During this time of Pandemic we are all wrestling with fears and questions of what is next.  Though we might feel a temptation to turn inward or to turn only toward those we know as a means of self-preservation, many people throughout the world are facing a crisis of inadequate sources of food that is exacerbated by the pandemic.  Chapter 25 of The Gospel of Matthew  is clear how Christians are called to respond.   It is critical that we are attentive to those at great risk of food scarcity and respond to their need.  Below is some information on “Bread for the World.”  This ecumenical effort is to ask our congressional representatives, through supportive legislation, to help those who hunger.

Below is a little information on Bread for the World.

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, we provide help and opportunity far beyond the communities where we live. Bread for the World is a 501(c)4 organization.   www.bread.or

Below you will find sample letters by clicking on the links below:  you can copy, sign, and send these to your representatives - or, of course, you are also free to write your own personal letter. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

God Bless,

Fr. John

NOTE from MARY SHEPHERD, PARISH REP:   Please write and send your letters between May 10 and May 17.  Also, Bread For The World likes to keep track of the senators and congressmen and women who are contacted,  so please send a summary of your action (who you contacted, by phone, letter or email) to [email protected].  After May 17  I can report to the Parish how many letters and phone calls we made as an offering from St. Monica Church.

Don't know who your representative/senators are??  Use this link, and enter your address to find out!
Click HERE for some "quick tips" about writing letters to your senators and representative.
Click HERE for a sample letter to your Representative.
Click HERE for a sample letter to your Senators.