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Baptism & Becoming Catholic

Baptizing a Young Child

Children ages 6 years and younger are baptized by the Rite of Infant Baptism.  In this Rite the Parents and Godparents make the Baptismal Promises for their young child.  Only one Godparent is required.  As long as there is one Catholic Godparent, there may also be a Christian witness from another Christian faith.  Godparents and Parents must attend one Baptismal Preparation session, either at St. Monica or at another Catholic parish.   The Baptism date may be scheduled as soon as the Baptismal Preparation Session and the necessary paperwork have been completed. 

Baptisms are scheduled around mid-day on most Saturdays, and on one Sunday a month Baptisms can be scheduled at Sunday Masses (except the 3:00 pm Mass).  All scheduling should be worked out in advance through the parish office.

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Baptism for ADULTS 

Baptism for any person seven years of age or older is through the RCIA process.  RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. 

At St. Monica an adult can come almost any Thursday evening of the year to learn more about the Catholic faith.  There is never an obligation to become Catholic; persons can come as often as they would like, they can meet potential new friends and enjoy growing in faith.  If and when a person feels called to be Baptized as a Catholic, then, with the help of a Parish Sponsor, they may begin taking part in the various Rites of the RCIA leading to Baptism.  An unbaptized adult can expect the RCIA process to take about a year.  Baptism is celebrated along with the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist - and these all take place at the Easter Vigil, unless serious circumstances prevent this.


Baptism for Children / Teens

RCIA for the youth (ages 7 to 18 years) is from September of one year through the entire Easter Season of the following year - about 10 months.  Because the parents are the primary source of faith for their children, the youth actually attend the RCIA sessions along with one or more parents.  When "ready," youth will celebrate all three Sacraments of Initiation at once: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  They will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time after Baptism, during the Easter Season. 


Baptized Christians curious about BECOMING CATHOLIC

Persons Baptized in another Christian denomination are not Baptized again to become Catholic: we are already one in Christ.  However, other Christians must make a Profession of Faith before being Received into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church: though one in Baptism we are not one at the table of the Lord, still separated by our different beliefs.  For Baptized Christians the RCIA is the path to inquire into the Catholic Faith - and if Full Communion in the Catholic Church is desired, to prepare to make a Profession of Faith. 


Catholic Teens / Adults wanting First Communion and/or Confirmation 

These Catholics also receive sacraments through the RCIA process.