Grade 5

Making God Known Loved and Served with Unity

We are excited about having a great year where everyone grows spiritually, academically and socially.  To have a positive start, the 5th grade teachers will be building a sense of community with the student and parents.  This begins with having Christ as the center of everything we do.  We feel it is essential that the class operates as a Christian family.  We will be developing standards for procedures and discipline to create the family atmosphere with high expectations we expect for all students. 

Bullying and other harmful behaviors continue to plague our society.  Our Catholic schools are no exception. In dealing with these behaviors, the teachers will be building a culture in our school through the Conscious Discipline program, Bullying and the Bible curriculum and Virtues Education.  This culture will build on mutual respect through the school wide implementation of these programs. This is a proactive approach to managing behaviors, rather than reactive. However, not all students fit into this model of discipline.  Some students need further exposure and direct modeling to teach procedures.  Our new initiative will be to integrate Catholic identity, individual student accountability and virtue education as part of plan.

In the 5th grade classroom students will find a posted list of classroom procedures, the Virtue of the month, an individual guide to the procedures and a Calming Corner.  As noted, if procedures are not followed and disrupt the learning from others, an individual plan will be developed that includes student reflection, parent contact, and when necessary administration involvement. 

 Communication will take place through Harmony, updated and posted each Monday, as well as a daily take-home binder with assignment notebook and graded papers.  Classroom updates could take the form of either teacher email or classroom blog.  Families will find the academic updates needed to be successful in 5th grade through these avenues.  The students will be switching for math and language arts classes based on their levels of achievement on NWEA testing, classroom performance and teacher input.  Students will be staying with their homeroom teachers for religion, science, social studies, writer’s workshop and special area classes.    


Grade 5

Gina Bidmead