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A summary of last week’s homily and parish prayer challenge:

Posted Sep 02, 2017

The celebration of a parish feast day is a good day to think what the life of our patroness can teach us. When I reflect on the life of St. Monica I see that she was exceedingly prayerful and that she embraced a vocation as a wife and a mother and that she evangelized. I would like these three...

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Prayer – Don’t Give Up!

Posted Aug 28, 2017

The most familiar type of prayer to most of us is the petition. In fact, outside of memorized prayers, probably the first thing we learned to do was to ask God for something. However our petitions often seem to go unanswered. We pray for peace in the world, an end to abortion, to be...

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Unite in a Spirit of Hope

Posted Aug 20, 2017

In case there is any confusion about the Catholic position on the events of last week, below is a statement issued by Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, the President of the United States Conferenceof Catholic Bishops the day after it happened: "As we learn more about the...

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How do I hear God when I pray?

Posted Aug 13, 2017

Understanding how to hear God in prayer is one of the great struggles that many of us have in our personal prayer. We are often told that in addition to talking it is important to listen and that periods of long silence are not only fruitful but necessary in order to hear what God is...

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What is the point of prayer?

Posted Aug 06, 2017

In a culture that often is focused on what we can gain for ourselves it can be difficult to understand what the point of prayer might be. In other words, if prayer doesn’t produce something for us we can often reject it or feel as if God doesn’t listen or understand. Living...

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Mass Intentions

Posted Jul 30, 2017

For many years in the Catholic Church we have had the custom of having an intention for each Mass, usually for a deceased relative or friend. Here at St. Monica these intentions are published every week in the bulletin. Depending on the parish, there might also be a custom mentioning...

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“A Surge of the Heart”

Posted Jul 23, 2017

Most of the reflections for the next few weeks will be from Chapter 35 of the USCCB Catechism of the Catholic Church, entitled “God Calls Us to Pray”. If you have a Small Church Group, Bible Study, Prayer Group, book club, or just more interested in prayer; I invite you to join me in...

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What is a “Holy Hour”?

Posted Jul 16, 2017

I mentioned last week that Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who was a famous US Catholic Bishop and evangelist from the 1950s, used to make a “Holy Hour” every day. This was a commitment he made early in his formation as a student in the seminary and reportedly maintained every day...

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What does it mean to pray?

Posted Jul 09, 2017

As we begin the month of July we enter a month in which our parish and staff are given a little space to prepare for August and September when our school and programs all begin again. Starting August 5th our staff will be doing some calendar planning to get ready for the year as well...

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Parish Council Part 2

Posted Jun 11, 2017

Last week I explained a little about how our parish council functions at St. Monica, this week I would like to share a little bit about what our current council has been and is currently working on. Our members currently include: Gerardo Dimas, Nona Dottery, Sara Pamperin, Lupe Pimentel...

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Parish Council

Posted Jun 04, 2017

A parish council serves as an advisory body to the pastor of a parish and there are a whole variety of ways this can be done. A popular way here in the Archdiocese has been what might called the “commission” structure in which the chairpersons of smaller advisory bodies and an...

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The Finance Council

Posted May 28, 2017

Two groups I work with closely in the parish are the Parish Council and the Finance Council. I meet with them at least once a month for consultation on parish ministry matters and on financial matters. This week I would like to discuss the work of the Finance Council and next week on Pentecost...

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